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Equestria Girls having fun farting. But Sunset missed out on it.
Done by request. (They asked for blushing and I decided to go for a different style of blushing than I usually do as it would be easier and it was hard enough using text for the fart sounds that was both positioned right and easily visible against the backgrounds)
suggestive162192 artist:thedarkpony338 edit148242 edited screencap74702 screencap244592 applejack182231 fluttershy229504 pinkie pie231283 rainbow dash251253 rarity196332 sci-twi27639 spike84571 spike the regular dog2905 sunset shimmer69430 twilight sparkle322121 equestria girls223999 equestria girls series37461 forgotten friendship5996 blushing224284 fart2589 fart edit182 fart noise852 female1517409 humane five4616 humane seven2933 humane six4374 onomatopoeia5663 rarity peplum dress1726 sound effects2732


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