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(This is the ManePxls Discord server. We are a faction on the site “pxls.space”. In this server, we disscuss designs to add/tweak on the current Pxls canvas, as well as talking about other MLP related stuff. If that sounds interesting, come check out the server!)

safe2116116 artist:epicvon58 artist:pfeffaroo624 artist:php27676 artist:rustydooks196 hitch trailblazer12358 izzy moonbow19463 pipp petals18771 sunny starscout18797 zipp storm14920 earth pony422314 pegasus470714 pony1477349 unicorn511846 g565667 my little pony: a new generation14508 ball5407 braided ponytail594 clothes610879 cute256776 female1737900 grin59917 hoodie19664 horn139392 horn guard428 horn impalement960 hornball838 izzy's tennis ball1186 looking at you245898 male528732 mane five3731 manepxls107 mare702015 mouth hold23003 open mouth224811 pixel art15196 pxls.space109 simple background568441 sitting88203 smiling376124 stallion183673 teeth19445 tennis ball1513 transparent background274411 unshorn fetlocks43119


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