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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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safe2155122 artist:xsatanielx953 princess celestia111860 princess luna116304 alicorn310261 pony1583114 g42007514 absurd resolution67081 cake12760 cakelestia1322 chest fluff63972 crown29441 cute263317 cutelestia4258 duo164665 duo female29658 ethereal mane13163 eyes closed137137 female1781961 floppy ears71953 food100019 fork1245 glowing18432 glowing horn28735 happy43905 herbivore2766 horn179495 jewelry110812 lunabetes4329 magic95577 magic aura8772 mare728759 mlp fim's eleventh anniversary227 one eye open392 open mouth233279 open smile29493 regalia35756 royal sisters6579 siblings21231 simple background585900 sisters17597 smiling390193 starry mane6997 strawberry1540 telekinesis38593 that pony sure does love cakes92 white background157740


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