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Felt the need to draw Ember after drawing Starlight
  • Dragon Lord Ember has a frill (pictured on her neck) that she can extend and sheathe at will. She keeps it flexed for the most part- dragons love to display (and look at) physical traits that indicate strength or edge.
  • In the show she’s slightly taller than the rest of the ponies. She’ll keep growing throughout the rest of her lifetime. At this point she’s just been dumped by Starlight, and by then she’d be nearly twice as tall as the average unicorn.
  • Dragons are reptiles, and typically have very rough scales that’ll scratch you if you stroke them the wrong way. Ember’s, however, appear sharp, but they’re pretty harmless, much like a bearded dragon. Her horns and cheek-spikes are incredibly sharp though, and can leave nasty gashes on her opponents’ faces during dragon duels.
  • Most dragons transition from bipedalism to quadrupedalism because their upper weight becomes too heavy to be supported by only 2 legs. Ember is no exception- she’ll make the switch eventually, but she prefers walking upright because it makes her taller.
  • Her tail is prehensile (so is Spike’s), so she can use it as an extra limb if she needs to. This is pretty rare, and occurs in 1 in every thousand dragons or so.
  • Dragons, like pegasi, use magic to fly. Without magic, the best they could do is glide.
  • Social status is incredibly important in dragon culture. Obviously, as the Dragon Lord, Ember is at the very top of the social hierarchy, and is practically regarded as a celebrity. Very few dragons have challenged her for her title, as she is deeply respected by most.
  • Starlight genuinely broke her heart, and they haven’t spoken since the breakup. Ember returned to the Dragonlands, where she rules in isolation. She certainly has the time to visit Ponyville, but that place brings back way too many memories for her. She has no idea that Starlight thinks about her a lot too.
  • She hates to admit it, but deep down, she’s a big softy. She has a huge fear of abandonment, which is why she hates being emotionally open with others. Her title as the Dragon Lord also means she can’t really be “emotional,” it’s just not something her dragon subjects would tolerate, since it’s viewed as weakness. Because of this, she is rarely vulnerable with anyone.


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