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“It’s okay fam. I’m here for you. We’re all here for you, Wyldfyre & your mom & dad. Go ahead, let it all out.” These were the words spoken to a sobbing Sunfyre by Gareth after the normally cheerful Griffon heard that Sunfyre’s family suffered a devastating lost. No one was more shaken up by the news than Sunny himself who then became an emotional wreck. The sight of him in that state was too much for Gareth to see. Even though he heard the news Gareth didn’t know what to do. What can he do? What can he say? Were whatever he says reach Sunny’s ears & how will Sunny react? Would his words hold merit? This and more swirled in Gareth’s head. But the Griffon knew one thing was clear: the creature he admired the most needed support in the worst way. Even if what he said and do may have little impact, Gareth knew he needed to help Sunfyre.
So the Griffon did the only thing he can do at that moment: embrace him. Gareth approached his boyfriend and gave him a hug. All Sunfyre could do was cry in his wings, his tears trickled down the Griffon’s orange & tan coat. “You were there for me when we were kids many moons ago. Now, let me return the favor.” Sunfyre said nothing but continued to cry in Gareth’s embracement. “If you need anything, I’m here for you fam. Don’t hesitate to ask.”, Gareth said. Through the Pegasus pony’s crying, Gareth could tell he got Sunfyre’s acknowledgement. Even though he was in emotional pain, Sunfyre was able to say three words to Gareth. What he said was, “Thank you…fam.”
Artist’s Tidbit: This was something I shouldn’t have done, yet something compelled me to do so. This was something I never would have hoped to do so soon, if ever. Even more, the fact to do artwork right now felt like a good escape. Even as I type this tears are still rolling off of my eyes. The past few weeks weren’t good, and the last few fays even worse. Even when I hoped against all hope, my hope was dashed. I knew the day would come, I just wish it wasn’t during this time in the world. Early this morning I learned from one of my younger sisters that our grandmother had passed away. The news didn’t immediately hit me, but it soon did. Hearing of her passing I couldn’t speak without so much as breaking down. Knowing her, she wouldn’t want me to feel down, she would want me to keep moving forward, though the parting is painful.
So I decided to make this pic. I was originally thinking of having Genette be the one to comfort Sunfyre but the thought of Gareth being the one proved to be the right choice. I don’t know why, but having him be the one to comfort Sunny felt…nice. I don’t know (and maybe will never know) what it was that compelled me to make this pic but it made me happy to do it, even though what happened earlier was anything but. I’ll keep moving forward for my late grandmother. If you made it this far…thank you all for taking the time to read this. Embrace your loved ones everyday, you may never get the chance to do so again once it’s too late. Once again thank you all for reading. And to my late grandmother: Rest In Peace. I won’t ever forget you…


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