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Bye bye, G4
I can’t wait to see how G5 turns out!
(I started this picture right after I watched the new movie, and I’m working on a G5 companion drawing)
safe1972222 artist:cutepencilcase592 applejack187837 fluttershy238255 pinkie pie238638 rainbow dash259392 rarity203192 twilight sparkle333012 alicorn274602 earth pony361835 pegasus407014 pony1324253 unicorn446775 blushing238807 cheek fluff7866 chest fluff53371 colored pupils11839 cute236393 eyes closed120834 female1604056 floppy ears64541 hatless2337 high res86742 leg fluff3923 mane six35329 mare618784 missing accessory9258 open mouth197973 out of frame256 panels92 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138599 unshorn fetlocks36363


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