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haven’t posted in a while
safe1865144 artist:puyohh23 izzy moonbow8374 sunny starscout7687 thunder (g5)249 zoom zephyrwing260 earth pony314929 pegasus357862 pony1209545 unicorn395465 g521689 my little pony: a new generation12538 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5693 :35240 angry30268 armor25972 ball4646 drawing5024 eye clipping through hair8897 eyebrows11637 eyebrows visible through hair6128 female1504346 frown26063 guardsmare1283 heart54991 heart hoof640 helmet12285 holding back24 horn98896 hornball704 izzy impaling things95 izzy's tennis ball989 lip bite12891 male423944 mare559030 markings2381 meme86487 nervous6488 open mouth176756 paper3619 pen1357 ponified meme1408 pony racism76 royal guard8761 scene interpretation9417 smug7070 stallion133207 tennis ball1277 trademark61 underhoof57956 unshorn fetlocks32024 vein bulge3711 woman yelling at a cat61 yelling3514


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Meanwhile at the hospital
Zoom: Maybe we shouldn’t bully Earth Ponies about their brain size anymore Thunder.
Thunder: Yeah, she is one tough Earth Pony.