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Background Pony #B61F
Kind of curious. Are we sure this isn’t an alternate reality where Cozy Glows plan succeeded? And Pegasus lost their ability to fly after the third day.

@Background Pony #ABE3
I doubt it was just instantly gone like she is saying. It was likely more gradual but since it happened so long ago, noone really remembers it disappearing. It’s just there was a time when they had magic, now they don’t and noone knows why.
For the pegasi, I imagine it would be finding they couldn’t fly as much or as high as they used to and this continuing until they couldn’t get off the ground at all.
Background Pony #F4ED
Well shit those animators better start thinning the crowds in the backgrounds

Count Patagium
Given what we saw Zipp able to do, it looks like they could still slow and control their fall enough to land mostly safely. I imagine that at most there were a some sprains, and maybe a few broken bones. Then again, ponies are tough, based on the drop that factory worker suffered.
The worst cases would be the ones like RD who were in the habit of napping in low clouds. That doesn’t give much time to wake up and adjust.
Background Pony Number 17
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

We don’t know how long ago the magic disappeared; it could’ve been a thousand years ago. The Pegasi probably have a legend about “The Day of the Great Falling” that they don’t speak of except in hushed tones.
Izzy mentioned the Unicorns suspected the Pegasi of stealing their magic. It’s a good bet the Pegasi blamed their loss of flight on the Unicorns or Earth ponies (“vile ground-pounders jealous of our wings!”)
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I swear I read a fanfic where pegasi were mysteriously losing flight, and it ended with Fluttershy’s parents being missing or something like that.
Background Pony #B950
If Spout was born then, he’d feel a disturbance in the Rainbow, as if hundreds of chances to say “Hey, babe, did it hurt when you fell out of Heaven?” were missed.
They have wings, and could presumably glide just enough to make safe landings in pools, ponds, big tier wedding cakes, manure carts, mud, etc. Perhaps the Queen had an embarrassing and very un-classy story of which one she landed in.