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If EG had gone on longer, this is what i feel the predicament of that universe would find itself in. The threat of equestria magic flooding into the human world in massive torrents of apocalyptic proportions. In short, the end of the world as we know it.
And I mean this resulting in complete radical changes to flora,fauna and entire ecosystems. A fourth of the Human race dying either due to exposure to more hostile and wild magical phenomena or mained and eate by flora and fauna from Equestria. specfically the everfree forest. Som humans mutating into body horror involving a nightmarish fusion btween their human and equestria counterparts.
Society and civilization is so badly disrupted by the influx of magic that it collapses and dissolves copletely once these humans gain the powers of their equestrian couterparts and abuse it and turn their powers on their own kind. wharver ruins and wreckage of cities there are is rapidly reclaimed by plant life whos growth has been accelerated by the magic as well as half of it being flora from the everfree forest.



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Background Pony #5F47
I would imagine a meteor shower fall from sky and destroying everything in human world like something form of the old testament like Sodom and gomorrah
Background Pony #977B
That would probably be a show worth watching. Monster hunters battling the everyday kaiju of Equestria, technology against shape shifting hordes. Real villains, instead of nasty old women, nasty plants and a nasty girl band.
Background Pony #28E9
It was my understanding that this was already the case. The Sirens obviously predated Sunset and the geodes (possibly) even longer. The humans of the EG simply don’t react to it because it’s normal for them. It’s the same ambient magic they’ve been living with for hundreds/thousands of years.

though returning to the subject, imagine how horrifying it would be where unlike th transformations seen in those spinoffs, the “mutant” humans have the parts of their equestrian counterparts unevenly fused and even in the wrong places or positions.
Imagine human lyra losing both her hands which turnd into hooves