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Warmup with Autumn
I really miss her
explicit403197 artist:aer0 zer0998 autumn blaze4708 kirin11766 anatomically correct28508 anus113928 bedroom eyes69867 bush3313 butt154820 cup7423 dialogue76939 dock59422 flower31272 flower in hair9637 glass5622 high res80952 nudity436286 offscreen character41881 plot106333 ponut52607 pubic fluff4447 pubic hair8931 smiling314897 solo focus20835 sweat32043 sweaty butt578 swimming pool3439 tail57797 tenting344 vulva153691 wet9604


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Pubilq Phirm
Extra tufts of fluff around the naughty bits? I can’t believe I haven’t seen any other artists draw them before. Actually, I can imagine why: if they were as thick as the dock tuft in , then the goods wouldn’t be visible. I’m not generally a fan of bush (the band, the presidents, or the hair), but I’ll gladly make an exception for this species.

I do hope you all don’t mind a (very long) HC dump about Kirin courtship & mating practices. It felt gratuitous to make a dedicated thread for the topic and my thoughts expanded far beyond a single paragraph I can put behind a spoiler in a primarily SFW discussion thread.
My original intent was to keep this following section as dry and objective as a textbook on animal husbandry. However, the subject matter means that at least ten people will find it to be concentrated fetish fuel no matter how flat I make it. Furthermore, just consider the venue (a.k.a. a comment under this specific image) where I’m writing. Therefore, I’m leaving in any extra colours of steamy romance.
Now that I’ve seen the above linked image, I now HC female kirins as having thick tufts under their docks that are extended coat hairs rather than fluff hairs. Male kirins are just as bare back there as pony stallions. It offers a nice view of their balls when they lift their tail to offer a peek. I have not yet decided how much of each orginating species (pony, deer, or dragon) contributed to the design of their penis. Perhaps the exact mix is individual to each male. I do like the idea of their nutsacks being nice and fuzzy with dense short coat hairs that appear a darker color due to skin pigmentation showing through.
Enough about the males and back to the subject of the featured image: pubic fluff on the females.
Unfortunately for musk lovers, their regular nirik flashes don’t let the usual biological odors accumulate back there. Instead, the two most iconic descriptions of the experience of sticking one’s muzzle into the fine hairs back there are
The ancient travel diaries describing their intimate scent as inhaling a rainstorm have been verified under modern chemical analysis. The predominant odorant molecules are ozone and geosmin. A complex boquet of partially-combusted organic molecules fills out the scent profile.
Journal of Sexual Chemistry, 18 A.L.R. No. 3, p. 64
…desire was unambiguous. Her seductive nickers had given way to impatient snorting of fire. It was time to give her what she wanted. Why I waited so long to give her what I said I would share was something I shall never ascertain. My eyes closed and my face pushed forward to a tunnel of paradise. I was enfolded in the comforting smell and warmth of a freshly-laundered steaming towel, except my face and her fur remained bone dry in spite of the humidity. A second breath and I detected the faintest hint of a campfire. Only when my muzzle touched her entrance was there any dampness to her coat.
23 pages before the end of The Kirin Chronicle, a travel diary gifted to Rockhoof by a contemporary of Clover the Clever. Name of the original author has been lost: later interviews with Rockhoof indicate that Wendy the Worldly may not have been the traveller and that she merely passed it along to him. The cutie mark on the journal is of a stylized white four-pointed star. The writing is clearly that of a unicorn in spite of horns or magic never being mentioned by the author.
Of note is how this author took the time to describe the fact that that particular tuft is shaped like an upside-down horse shoe: it covers the sides and top but the bottom is open to the ground. A creature standing directly behind a kirin with a flashlight while her tail was raised could see the goods with his head at the right height.
When a female has ignored too many serious heat cycles in a row, her love tuft and, often, parts of her tail may alight as if she was stuck in a partial nirik transition. When she reaches this sorry critical overheat state, she also will pant rapidly in short shallow breaths and act generally agitated, often no longer able to focus on grabbing a male. When they are on the hunt for a male in serious heat, females will approach males and then stick their rear ends near their face in the hopes that he will fill his nostrils and bond to her for that breeding session.
[serious heat = actively looking to get pregnant; casual heat and boredom sex are both exactly what they sound like]
Females who aren’t in serious heat as well as males flirt by blowing fiery kisses on their interest. Typical etiquette for first-time flirtation is to blow the kiss up the facial scales. Kirins who have previously established a positive mating rapport may blow those small tongues directly on the body part they wish to enjoy for casual mating. However, it is instinctual for females not to offer their hind fluff to the face of a male unless they intend to get pregnant and they will reject males who try to bond themselves back there with a kick.
Once bonded, males become extremely possessive of their lover until it is obvious that pregnancy was successfully conceived. Not only will they drive away other males, they will reject advances by other females, as accepting that advance gives an opportunity for another male to mate with his lover while he is covering the other female. During the bonded time, the pair will mate repeatedly. Once pregnancy is established, the pair parts for separate ways: the female to finish producing the kirling and the male either to do whatever it is males do or bond to another female. The time of bonding can last from as little as six weeks to indefinitely in the case of an infertile couple without a community to force the pair to break up and try again with different partners (often, both new pairings successfully produce offspring).
For more on kirin partnering dynamics, see my main post linked above.
In spite of its obvious application as a filter for their beer, kirins value bodily cleanliness more than ponies and generally wouldn’t use their pubic tuft in that manner, even though they know they can evaporate it with a quick flash after they’re done. They will, however, generally have no problem when they are asked to dispense their “beer” directly into their lover’s mouth and it dribbles all over the place and makes it real steamy back there.

That turned out to be the length of my original plan for the SFW post I linked upstairs.
In case any of you read all this, what nomenclature do you use for male and female kirins? It felt silly to repeatedly say “male” and “female” here, yet I can’t decide whether they’d use “buck/doe” teminology or “stallion/mare”. There’s also nothing preventing the mix & match options (“stallion/doe” or “buck/mare”) or some entirely new naming scheme. I also asked this in the SFW discussion thread.