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You thought that just because it takes place thousands of years in the future, that it would stop Lyra from being a lil shid in MLP Gen 5?
safe1786041 artist:witchtaunter530 izzy moonbow5750 lyra heartstrings30386 sunny starscout5241 earth pony281068 pony1087534 skeleton pony372 undead2593 unicorn357305 g514162 my little pony: a new generation8408 aaaaaaaaaa298 bone3286 bush2931 chest fluff43297 comic113572 ear fluff33360 female1434512 halloween9638 holiday22053 implied death2740 implied necromancy3 l.u.l.s.247 mare519164 moon24893 night28356 scared11033 screaming3642 skeleton2037 speech bubble25397 talking6535 tree34703 trio10360 trio female2331 trotting1487


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Even with the plan to scare the you know what out of Iggy moon-bow and sunny star-scout had the pair wonder if they hear noises coming from the ground when a skeleton pony as Lyra heartstrings emerged from the ground as the pair knows they wouldn’t have gotten far without springing a leak.
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