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「マイリトルポニー 新しい世界」観た…良かった
safe1971942 artist:ningukt1 izzy moonbow14003 pipp petals12045 sunny starscout12791 zipp storm9444 earth pony361641 pegasus406859 pony1323879 unicorn446604 g540924 my little pony: a new generation13851 adorapipp1930 adorazipp638 blushing238730 bust67145 cute236298 female1603677 floppy ears64533 grin53011 group5545 horn117322 izzybetes1806 looking at you217156 mare618567 one eye closed39891 open mouth197895 open smile16563 portrait37267 smiling331353 smiling at you14150 spread wings75466 sunnybetes1086 wings175164 wink29628


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Background Pony #631E
Well, it’s not exactly accurate. Zipp is shorter than Sunny and Pipp should be even shorter than she’s depicted.
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