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safe2119634 artist:aleximusprime1906 cozy glow9318 zecora10938 alicorn303076 pony1548589 zebra23041 dream of alicornication40 flurry heart's story442 g41933953 alicorn amulet2163 alicornified7268 cozycorn867 duo156839 duo female27644 equestria is doomed180 evil3774 evil grin6180 female1745900 filly93901 flying52822 frown34203 glowing17500 glowing eyes14887 glowing horn28205 grin60115 high res103301 horn173207 horrified866 looking at each other32306 open mouth225844 race swap20542 red eyes10888 scared13834 shocked9818 show accurate25848 smiling377538 spread wings88612 we're boned5 wings208741


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