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safe2118722 screencap287320 big macintosh32814 derpy hooves56330 rumble4456 snips4566 sprout cloverleaf2359 toots150 earth pony423557 pegasus471722 pony1479810 unicorn512813 g41930927 g566367 my little pony: a new generation14512 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation6286 colt19900 comparison5266 female1740299 foal40347 male529604 mare703660 not derpy193 stallion184257 unnamed character4752 unnamed pony2880


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Background Pony #4A5E
I say children’s children, especially in Rumble & Snails’ case given he’s in elementary school which would make him 4 minimum (given MLP was made in Canada I’m using Canadian rules and what-not) with Sprout I’d say given Big Mac had a son with Sugar Belle named “Little Mac” he may be a descendant (also Phillis has a pink coat & yellow-blonde mane, and Sugar Belle has a pink coat while Little Mac has a Yellow-Orange mane)
(I know I just went on a rant)
Background Pony #5B36
Oh yay! I wasn’t the only one who thought that earth pony looked like Derpy!
Artist -

Theres a pegasus guard colored like Lyra. He collects sneakers.
Phyllis is collored like Luster Dawn. Suspuciously named after Starlight’s plant too.