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safe1948717 artist:justasuta89 edit154903 applejack186504 crystal (character)59 fluttershy236027 marini63 molly (cat)22 moonbeam twinkletail20 pinkie pie236877 rainbow dash257380 rarity201437 silverstream7246 smolder10173 spike86552 star swirl the bearded2200 twilight sparkle330295 abyssinian1458 alicorn270228 diamond dog3859 dragon70615 earth pony351954 hippogriff12026 kelpie753 pegasus396311 unicorn435328 zebra20750 g537138 idw17960 spoiler:comic10233 cover3198 end of ponies808 flying46577 hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy81 mane seven7293 mane six35056 pony history479 reference to another series69 season 10426 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137415 winged spike9266 wings169680


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