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Is that what happened before g5?


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Hitch the 8itch
Unless the elements are corrupted themselves, they could be weaponized since Danu’s control over earth due to his element has full capacity and intent to kill. Sombra got vaporized as he wasn’t even normal anymore. Maybe he is an umbrum after all, cause sure as heck it was cleansing all of him inside and out.
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Danu makes a huge mistake in this assumption, of course. Namely that the Elements of Harmony are a weapon. They’re not. They cleanse corruption, they don’t just destroy things.
Background Pony #53BC
@Background Pony #53BC
Yeah. The Storm King’s take-over/invasion/conquering/attack/tyranny over Equestria has lasted for three long days. And the one of the Storm King’s airships did crash landed during the Storm King’s conquering over Equestria. And it crashed landed in New Horseleans as seen in “Tempest’s Tale”. I think Rarity shoot that one down during her journey back to Canterlot.
Time! This is a common problem with the G4 and the G5 movies; Why will the screenwriters not follow common sense? Many criticize the time spent between Maretime Bay and Zephyr Heights, and rightly so - but this was far surpassed by the time spent between Canterlot and Klugetown which is located on the southern part of a continent!
In a “normal” world, there should be a three-day journey - a week at most - between Zephyr Heights / Canterlot and Maretime Bay - and at least a week between Canterlot and Klugetown. In a normal world, the war would have lasted for two to three weeks after Tempest conquered Canterlot. But writers do not want to hear about this. And it’s not just in the MLP movies, in many movies there were also similar tendencies, one of the worst was the last Star Wars movie - where the heroes run so fast, that it is very surprising they do not fall from exhaustion along the way, across and along the galaxy.
Sometimes I wonder if Equus is a flat world of only 5,000 km in diameter or a small moon / world only a third of the Earth. The need for lore grew as controversies worsened over time with more and more logical flaws as contradictions.
New Horseleans may be southwest of Maretime Bay on the other side of Horseshoe Bay and thus get within possible travel corridors from south to Canterlot. So it is possible that Rarity as part of the rescue team may have shot down the airship, especially if she and her friends were to reach the mountain plateau behind Canterlot out of sight from the east.
Background Pony #7233
@Background Pony #53BC
Yeah. The Storm King’s take-over/invasion/conquering/attack/tyranny over Equestria has lasted for three long days. And the one of the Storm King’s airships did crash landed during the Storm King’s conquering over Equestria. And it crashed landed in New Horseleans as seen in “Tempest’s Tale”. I think Rarity shoot that one down during her journey back to Canterlot.
Background Pony #53BC
@Background Pony #53BC
Well, the Storm King didn’t just take Canterlot. But the rest of Equestria too.
Canterlot first in a surprise attack, then the rest of the country where there was organized resistance - do not think the crashed airship in one of the equestrian cities fell “just there” - it may have been shot down, and when Twilight looked out over the valley where Ponyville lay, she saw signs of acts of war and the ravages. In a “normal” world, the G4 movie would have lasted two to three weeks. As long as the invasion lasted until Storm King was killed and Tempest Shadow surrendered, she conveyed everything she knows about the military apparatus. After my head canon - and in a series of fan fictions - Tempest was brought before a special court where she risked a death sentence or permanent stay in Tartarus, where Twilight gave her pardon for her word of honor. The interrogation of Tempest and the surviving storm officers may have led to the conference in the IDW comics which dealt with the aftermath of the fall of the conqueror king.
We did not see war with suffering and death because this is censored away, but there are hints about this in hidden messages in the MLP publications - as seen in the latest S10 comics. We can find historical evidence and traces of older conflicts in the G5, because it seems that the fear that the different societies had for each other, had prevented them from seeking each other out with violence. There is a hypothesis that the fear was magically imposed on the whole world. It is very unlikely that major conflicts had occurred in the 800 years between the S10 and the G5 movie, although there was probably no shortage of conflicts, we still do not know about undiscovered realms, and Cunabula was not “a good nation”.
But it is possible that the threat of war and war could occur in the G5 when the Mane 5 rediscover the rest of Equestria and make contact with non-ponies, especially after the magic had returned and people began to learn about each other they had early prejudices about in a grip of irrational fear. Sunny may thus experience that she had to prevent people who had lived in fear of each other from an early age from attacking each other. She was fortunate that the pegasi in the Zephyr Heights are highly disciplined despite their natural aggression while the unicorns and earth ponies automatically followed their leaders without question, and can be easily persuaded with a little charisma as with the ponies Hitch, Sunny and Zipp.
But if Sunny has to go to war, she has at least a strong military force behind her; the pegasi armies, the war machines built by the earth ponies and badass unicorns that can fight with their horns in addition to using magic.
Background Pony #53BC
It’s probably. What he says makes sense.
Study our own history in the human world. It’s not that simple.
This happened in a world thrown into abnormality because Discord and Cosmos had invaded Equus with the intention of creating eternal chaos, and Equestria was the biggest target. We saw under the Cosmos Arc that several heads of state were involved, which means that the isolation that the Storm King took advantage of did not exist at the time. The cunabulans went out to help others in self-interest during the chaotic times, when it was believed that the temples and knowledge of how to use the elements had arisen 1,200 years - not “thousands of years” (the isolation of Cunabula must have been a strong strain on the cunabulans).
There are many indications that the elements - which may have been created by a world empire before or after Grogar’s time, perhaps in his time - were already distributed to peoples all over the world. What the cunabulans did was to only improve on what others had before. Possibly the royals were aware of this, as the abyssinian king Cat senior had had a temple erected in his palace. He may have been the leader of the cat element bearers. They had collaborated against a common threat.
But as soon as the cunabulans came to Equestria - this was turned into hostility, and there are many indications that it was the cunabulans`s arrogance and haughtiness that made the royals break with the cunabulans, who want order - and seemed to want have authority over all elements. The royals without knowing it had banished Cosmos and only given Discord a shortcut to take the whole of Equestria under his control, so the choice to reject the “knights” must have been very hard. This ended with Discord and the royals expelling the cunabulans from Equestria, starting something reminiscent of a world war.
Unfortunately, they made a misjudgment, the other element bearers and possibly armies from the other realms were going to tie down the cunabulans so they could take out the biggest threat. Celestia and Luna managed to rediscover their elements and as they represented the strongest set, they were able to petrify Discord. The other royals were in the background, and there was a great celebration - which was abruptly interrupted by terrible news. The devastation in Farasi and Abyssinia may have killed thousands, while Caninia simply disappeared.
It was not the fear of Discord that the cunabulans assumed was the leader of the “corrupt coalition” that led to the hiding of the island of Cunabula, it was the fear of the rage of a united world. Moreover, they had shattered the world community of the day, as their destruction was unevenly distributed and the royals may have disagreed on how to proceed after all that had happened. The war had taken a lot out of them, Equestria was in ruins, Abyssinia just a shadow of itself, world ties had disintegrated. Since Chrysalis was depicted in the temple at Cunabula, it is believed that she had participated in the war, which may have been more extensive than what Danu explained.
The cunabulans had probably been outlawed for many centuries until they were forgotten. It was only in Ornithia that we learned about them, a realm in which the royals had hidden their connections with the cunabulans from the rest of the world. And in the end, Twilight learned about them, but then the royal sisters were not there, and Discord was to explain what happened when Danu chased him away. The cunabulans are like Nazi Germany and Tojo-Japan from World War II. In their arrogance they had crushed the known world, thrown the realms into a cool coexistence, partly isolated from each other in the following centuries.
This was what a world conqueror took advantage of, as none of the realms sought each other out to help each other. This ended with the Storm King taking Canterlot and seizing magic from four alicorns that made him the strongest mortal magic user. His death was what started the repairs that Twilight took over, when she launched the “friendship expeditions”.
Background Pony #628E
Judging by the future shown in Season 9’s “The Last Problem”, he is likely wrong or it won’t happen for a long time.
Background Pony #8A2C
Is that a silhouette of Novo? They actually remembered her! Even if it’s yet another cameo, it’s nice that they acknowledged her
Background Pony #E080
Yes, it seems so.
But I believe that the winner is the one who never gives up because no victory is definitive.
The good guys can win, but the bad guys will always be there to fight them.
The bad guys can win, but the good guys will always be there to fight them.
In the end, no one really wins.