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Oh no, Sprout i understend u so much 🤧
Yeah, thats my fanon
safe1992652 artist:sonyager9 phyllis cloverleaf303 sprout cloverleaf2083 earth pony371027 g544033 my little pony: a new generation13979 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation6057 chair10276 colt18214 colt sprout cloverleaf70 comic125278 desk4017 dialogue81772 emperor sprout236 female1622973 floppy ears65280 glasses78588 happy38995 hoof hold11115 hoof on cheek502 looking at something3982 male468107 mare629016 meme89395 moon28309 mother and child4227 mother and son3641 not now son1 open mouth201606 open smile17755 ponified meme1838 raised hoof60823 sad28793 smiling337551 speech bubble32937 stallion155696 starry night859 sunglasses18656 the tables have turned102 unshorn fetlocks37375 walking6375 window11511 younger20480


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I think its why he was trying too hard in the movie to show Phyllis how “successful” he become. Its because Phyllis never made any effort to recognize what Sprout can really do. He was insecure. In the series, I believe part of Sprout’s redemption arc involves teaching kids how to over come insecurities and grow up to become more confident.
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Yeah I can see that. I don’t think Phyllis ever cared much for Sprout. I said it before: if Sprout and Sunny swapped parents, Sprout would be running away with Izzy at the start of the movie and Sunny will be the one riding the giant robot at the end of the movie.
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