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safe1783802 artist:therealdjthed132 applejack175651 fluttershy220311 pinkie pie222935 rainbow dash241574 rarity188255 twilight sparkle310086 earth pony280337 pegasus322496 pony1083913 unicorn356474 3d83377 absurd resolution67714 black background6015 blender7666 cute209919 floor316 floppy ears56388 frown24305 grin42828 group3689 happy birthday mlp:fim1430 looking at you181446 mane six32975 mlp fim's eleventh anniversary225 raised hoof50153 simple background421889 smiling271984 smiling at you6450 unicorn twilight19607


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Background Pony #D245
Too bad those don’t work in SFM, meaning most animators can’t use them.