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Lyra is actually much easier to handle now.
safe1996699 artist:witchtaunter773 bon bon17930 lyra heartstrings32369 sweetie drops17930 earth pony372590 pony1349199 skeleton pony444 unicorn457842 absurd resolution72049 angry33160 angry eyes128 annoyed6483 bon bon is not amused1108 bone3856 chest fluff55492 duo124279 duo female21243 ear fluff42646 female1626509 glowing13458 glowing eyes13882 gradient background18135 halloween11513 holiday29661 l.u.l.s.381 mare631095 revenge976 skeleton2306 speech bubble33062 subverted meme289 unamused21109 yelling3867


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Background Pony #B6AF
“How can I, The Great Lyra, possibly capture a human without my vertebrae?”
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Background Pony #B985
And it should be noted, becoming a lich is usually a very naughty thing to do in the first place. You’ve got a steep hill to climb, Lyra.
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