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Lyra is actually much easier to handle now.
safe1765916 artist:witchtaunter512 bon bon16752 lyra heartstrings30215 sweetie drops16751 earth pony272694 pony1025833 skeleton pony353 unicorn348850 absurd resolution67543 angry28376 angry eyes76 annoyed5645 bon bon is not amused1062 bone3196 chest fluff41949 duo65970 duo female12255 ear fluff32026 female1415216 glowing5148 glowing eyes11731 gradient background13661 halloween8643 holiday20823 l.u.l.s.220 mare509145 skeleton1975 speech bubble24757 unamused16953 yelling3231


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Background Pony #B6AF
“How can I, The Great Lyra, possibly capture a human without my vertebrae?”
Background Pony #B985
And it should be noted, becoming a lich is usually a very naughty thing to do in the first place. You’ve got a steep hill to climb, Lyra.