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Some of the work I did for My Little Pony: A new generation a few years ago.
Art direction: Pablo Mayer
I got to do the map! They probaby changed it a bit, this still has an early design for the Factory, at the time called Rainbow factory.


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Silver Dis-Astḗr
Two caveats with this “Map of Maretime Bay”:
a) The North & South positions should be flipped (geomagnetic reversal after many thousand years).
b) It is not “canon” for G5 (since it comes from the rejected storyline were Sunny thinks she “erased” both magic & electricity by accident).
-> It is still canon for G4 (as an alternate timeline future).
Background Pony #9544
Canterlogic was originaly called Rainbow Factory? Damn that would have been sick… Just imagine what would it caused in the fandom. The return of the Rainbow Factory… I can already see the new fanfics and arts…