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What the hell?! How are Discord and Princess Luna in the G5 Universe, knowing Sunny Starscout and the others are around without realizing they are in their universe? Didn’t Discord and Princess Luna and the others in the G4 universe were erased when their universe was destroyed?

Didn’t one of the writers say that Twilight wouldn’t outlive her friends? And if she IS alive: Where is she? As Princess she just dropped the crown and let ponies wing it on their own until they became racists? Even I love Twilight but if THAT was what the show had in the future, I’d look for a new show.

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Honestly, since Alicorns do age, I think that time-space travel makes the most sense for Discord and Luna to appear in G5 (after all, if they simply didn’t age, then it would also make logical sense for Twilight and the other Alicorns to likewise not age, which we know didn’t happen since Twilight is implied to be dead in G5). Still, I don’t think that Luna or any of the other Alicorns will return in G5, nor will Discord (with the latter character not returning simply because John de Lancie has no reason to return). Maybe it will be implied that the characters died off during the years that magic stopped existing in Equestria, who knows.