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The End.
Thank you for your attention
safe1765688 artist:lexx2dot0266 oc719605 oc only469972 oc:blackjack2739 pony1025629 unicorn348752 fallout equestria17715 fallout equestria: project horizons3219 series:ph together we reread80 campfire1138 clothes481006 fanfic art15054 female1415028 fire11888 grayscale39596 horn80014 male392753 mare509046 monochrome153212 pipbuck3640 random pony465 skyscraper282 small horn368 solo1105424 stallion117981 tree34001 vault security armor180 vault suit3666


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Dawn Bright

Eighty. Just to cover a smidge of what’s happening in each chapter.
Thank you, Lexx. Always wanted to see some of these scenes drawn. You’re a legend.