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Smart Heart

For a time, I consider them to be the same being. But now I realize that they are not. The original Tirac would not keep his promises and release any hostages after getting what he wants.
Background Pony #6C51
Here’s my theory, tirac might be king vorak and lord tirek’s dad, and master grogar the ruler of tambelon who was the main inspirations for king sombra.
Background Pony #A27A
For some reason Tirek in his youth had the same bag Tirac have, you can see it in his “fiendship is Magic” comic.
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Is meh
I’m not against these two being different characters. Tirek is probably too young to be the original anyway. I can get behind Tirac being an ancestor… Wait but then what about Scorpan. They can’t both coincidentally have the same adopted brother. I guess Tirek is Tirac then.
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