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safe1970870 artist:maren1540 pipp petals12012 pegasus406299 pony1322537 g540815 my little pony: a new generation13843 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5997 adorapipp1925 cute236077 female1602492 high res86646 mare617911 open mouth197606 open smile16498 princess pipp256 scene interpretation9910 singing7454 smiling330978 solo1267886 spread wings75356 wings174820


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Literal Gay Lord
As both a Rarity Stan and a Pegasus Lover, I really want Pipp to be more of a thing. In the movie she is little more than an accessory to her elder sister’s story and a couple of jokes about social media. Hopefully the show will make something of her.
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I can’t really rank her because of the aforementioned lack of characterisation.
“Influencer” isn’t a character trait. She didn’t really seem to have much depth beyond ‘for the content’. Everyone else had more depth to their character. Her sister benefited from getting more characterisation; Zipp’s a royal, she’s confident and is willing to strut her stuff but was tired of living a lie and discovered the past unity between ponies on her own.
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