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I can’t believe >>2714805 didn’t do this to begin with.
safe1807848 artist:thehuskylord290 edit141349 edited screencap70997 screencap235086 izzy moonbow6449 sunny starscout5837 earth pony289743 pony1146586 unicorn366966 g515881 my little pony: a new generation10217 spoiler:g51774 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5160 blushing213447 eyes closed103731 female1453025 izzyscout206 kiss edit52 kissing26288 lesbian102148 shipping212213


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I actually prefer the eyes open version. Gives it a sort of innocent wonder vibe, like Izzy is just as surprised it’s happening.
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You know, I’m curious as to how often other G5 pairings get people commenting on their images just to say it isn’t their thing. I see it all the time on Izzyscout pictures (it’s getting kind of tiresome, honestly), but I don’t know if it’s sampling bias or if people who don’t like Izzyscout just tend to be more outspoken about it and/or less willing to use filters and move on. Does anyone know more?
EDIT: Whoa, speak of the devil. I guess that bit of scientific curiosity is satisfied.
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Izzy was just too happy to have made a new friend she got a little ahead of herself <3