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It’s that time of the year again
safe1995063 artist:graphene351 fluttershy240543 pegasus416617 pony1347801 cute239629 dialogue81935 female1625224 floppy ears65390 folded wings13588 halloween11503 hat110487 high res87995 holiday29642 jack-o-lantern3195 looking at you221895 mare630403 open mouth202165 open smile17982 outdoors16450 pumpkin6004 shyabetes17243 sitting80205 smiling338385 solo1287492 stray strand616 talking to viewer4455 three quarter view2413 wings180260 witch hat4548


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Background Pony #A177
Halloween for Fluttershy (in character of course, reminder of Scare Master episode) : She only stay indoors to eat pumpkins.
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