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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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safe2155181 artist:jonathantaniuchi12 hitch trailblazer13584 izzy moonbow21116 pipp petals20487 sprout cloverleaf2437 sunny starscout20941 zipp storm16502 earth pony438209 pegasus488296 pony1583145 unicorn529196 g573343 my little pony: a new generation14642 angry36278 basket4343 blaze (coat marking)3600 braid9619 cellphone7882 cloud42596 coat markings12852 cross-popping veins2702 eye contact7635 facial markings5755 female1781956 fence4116 flying54271 food100023 grapes649 gritted teeth19120 herbivore2770 horn179555 looking at each other33568 looking at you254750 male543387 mane five4111 mare728747 missing cutie mark6415 one eye closed45053 open mouth233296 phone12260 picnic1744 picnic basket794 raised eyebrow9818 raised hoof68522 sitting90799 smiling390238 socks (coat markings)7748 sprout is not amused31 sprout joins the mane five123 stallion191846 tree48329 unamused23757 underhoof68044 unshorn fetlocks45214 water24694 wings217279 wink32539


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Background Pony #AEAD
i always thought that they could keep up the same universe for g6 after g5 ends following these character i made
Sweet briar(Bri) Cloverleaf: sprout got married by a unicorn and divorced by one and birthed a unicorn. shes a 15 year old mare whos smart,outspoken and inventive she likes figuring things out and making crazy inventions but her big mouth often gets her into trouble and is our main character
Twilight Indigo: adoptive daughter of a now engaged sunny and Izzy shes the same age as bri and is her best freind and has been since foalhood. shes a bit of a mix of rarity,izzy moonbow, and pipp she may seem stuck up but is kind deep down.
Electric Storm: a young 16 year old stallion and song of hitch and zipp who despite his strong rebellious look hes very shy and a bit of a goodie two shoes
Streamline: electric storms pretty twin sister who is the more rebellious one despite her pretty sweet demeanor.
Morning glory: pipps daughter and the baby of the crew being 14 1/2 she a talented artist who wants to be a potter when she grows up.

With zip storm standing on one hoof had those wonder as she goes down she accidently kicks sunny star-scout in the head as sprout isn’t amused of Izzy moon-bow wanting to get him in a picture on pip petal’s smartphone.
Background Pony #D5E6
It’s possible he may be a 6th wheel without any tweaking. These teams often have a contrary member, like the super logical Spock, or the borderline abusive Rainbow Dash. He could provide the lazy cowards way out to any mission.