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Wow her first sponsor 👍👍👍
safe1864620 artist:aaathebap339 pipp petals6376 pegasus357644 pony1209044 g521603 my little pony: a new generation12522 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5692 female1503877 funny4536 high res74705 looking at you196845 mare558782 meme86467 phone8389 pointing4581 raid shadow legends4 solo1185137 sponsor9


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Background Pony #C916
Sheesh Pipp, if you needed the funding that badly, there are plenty of adult sites out there. You didn’t have to stoop to shilling for RAID.
The Smiling Pony
Princess of Love - Extra special version for those who participated in the Canterlot Wedding 10th anniversary event by contributing art.
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A Really Hyper Artist - 500+ images under their artist tag
Kinship Through Differences - Celebrated the 11th anniversary of MLP:FIM!
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Philomena - For helping others attend the 2021 community collab

Manually Breathing
“Fans, use code PIPPROYAL when you sign up and you’ll get a Lordax the Wrecker for free, plus 3,000 Gold and 500 Bloodstones. That’s amazing value, making you ready to destroy your enemies, right out of the gate. And did I mention it’s Free to Play. You’re getting amazing triple-A gameplay, for no cost. Remember, use code PIPPROYAL now and get a head-start on Raid Shadow Legends, the best Free To Play experience for any real gamer.”
Background Pony #CF9E
This is kind of unexpected, but I saw this a lot from youtubers, luckily, very few of them are from this freaking game.