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Rarity found some moonlighting gigs at a Las Pegasus club. <3
suggestive175320 artist:longinius905 rarity204831 unicorn456892 anthro321316 unguligrade anthro59304 beautisexy1359 big breasts109472 blushing242458 breasts349503 busty rarity15920 cleavage41737 clothes568041 cocktail dress57 dress54813 eyes closed122869 female1624681 gloves26185 hair over one eye11278 high res87967 huge breasts50945 long gloves7990 microphone6531 monochrome165017 music notes4183 open mouth202051 partial color6316 sexy39078 side slit1693 singing7539 solo1287072 solo female210257 thighs23310 thunder thighs13235 traditional art132341 wide hips25299


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In their later years, the Mane Six would agree that Rarity had the best mid-life crisis. Leaving Yona in charge of Carousel Boutique to become a nightclub singer for six months was certainly an experience.
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