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artist needed26362 source needed17067 safe1865114 edit146955 alphabittle blossomforth273 hitch trailblazer4516 izzy moonbow8374 pipp petals6391 sunny starscout7687 zipp storm4794 pegasus357851 pony1209529 unicorn395456 g521686 my little pony: a new generation12537 spoiler:g52429 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5693 background pony10843 comic117856 cross-eyed909 crystal tea room75 derp7339 eyebrows11637 fake horn943 female1504318 floppy ears59402 food80121 gud2 horn98892 lol715 male423930 mane five (g5)1520 mare559012 meme86486 open mouth176752 parody16215 shrunken pupils4214 speech3243 speech bubble27873 stallion133202 standing16250 talking7425 text68749 toilet paper roll203 toilet paper roll horn87 trollface475 weird nose7 yelling3514


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Artist -

Yah, Pipp is the least close to her out of all her new friends. Like she was she walking with her before she didn’t even talk to Sunny. And now it’s basically the first time she talks to Sunny and that apparently motivated Sunny? Wat?
Background Pony #B412
I wish someone would have this kind of dedication to make parodies of adult cartoons.
Background Pony #60DE
This should have ended with Hitch tagging in for Sunny on the final round since he’s already been shown to do automatic booty shaking and it would actually make him contribute something. Pipp’s contribution could be done (and done better) by adding a scene actually showing how she gets them out of Zephyr Heights.
Artist -

This scene should have made Hitch use his animal charm on the creatures running the machine so they could win by cheating. I mean, they already stole the first cryastal.

Nah, it was a natural progression. Sunny was caught off guard and unsure in the first session, then got used to it and was much better in the second segment, not too far behind Alphabittle. She had the skill to beat him, but she had to get into the rhythm, which her fear at losing their last chance was hindering. Pipp’s reminder helping a lot was totally logical.
Background Pony #4610
Alphabittle likely would have accepted it
“Because we know him intimately and how he thinks and we’re inside his head and we know all.”
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~

While the scene was poorly handled, Sunny did have the means to win the game. Rollerskating at the beginning of the movie demonstrated good hand-eye coordination, and her expertise with the rubiks cube showed pattern recognition. Pipp could still have given encouragement, but adding a three-second blurb of sunny focusing really hard on the colors and patterns of the shapes would have done miles to improve it.  
She did have the means though
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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A waste of biomatter
I saw a discussion on /mlp/ on how some felt Pipp should have switched out with Sunny at the end, rather than just giving her advice. This would be on the logic that with her experience of performance and grace she could have won the dancing challenge. Alphabittle likely would have accepted it as he already gave concession like sunny only needing to win once and its likely his arrogance wouldn’t have cared. It would have also given Pipp a more direct influence on the plot and helping her friends out.
Also bittles troll face there fits so well.

lol, the whole unicorn village segment did feel rushed as if they ran out of time to do anything more complicated. One of my minor complaints about the movie.