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dead source24080 safe1724433 artist:discommunicator201 twilight sparkle302762 pony984729 unicorn331223 :34601 bipedal35209 cape10508 clothes466193 featured image891 female1378991 floating4037 glow4465 glowing horn19990 jewelry65430 lineart20798 looking at you171637 magic74154 mare489681 monochrome150791 smiling253612 solo1076352 staff2982 traditional art118740 wink25131


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The what in the where
he quit pone, thanks for reminding me.
I don't even find his current works all that interesting
Background Pony #209F
I love the general feel of twilight, but not so sure how I feel about the plant/flower motif. that just doesn't seem like it fits her general domain really.