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safe1863119 artist:chub-wub582 applejack181050 fluttershy227821 hitch trailblazer4387 izzy moonbow8237 pinkie pie229754 pipp petals6206 rainbow dash249594 rarity195075 spike84061 sunny starscout7537 twilight sparkle320146 zipp storm4630 alicorn253782 bear1779 cat7070 dragon64780 earth pony313967 pegasus356905 pony1207570 rabbit6326 unicorn394618 g521168 my little pony: a new generation12480 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5688 ;p458 absurd resolution69271 animal5483 applejack's hat10452 bipedal40455 cowboy hat19789 critter magnet196 cute220560 female1502616 g4 to g5225 hat99617 male423363 mane five (g5)1485 mane seven7051 mane six33946 mare557967 one eye closed36509 selfie3661 simple background456458 stallion132877 tongue out118524 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132488 white background115600


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Young Leosword
Sunny next to Twilight and Spike instead of just Twilight makes me think of an absurd theory: Sunny’s mom is a dragon. There’s no Spike in G5 because… XD
Background Pony #427F
Sunny: “Look! your kingdom already collapse and nopony remembers you anymore!”
Twilight and Spike: “What the…!?”