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A strange looking Fluttershy
suggestive159946 artist:pabbley2486 fluttershy227819 equestria girls222521 adorasexy10852 barefoot30760 big breasts96137 blushing222032 breasts315701 busty fluttershy19427 butterfly hairpin56 cleavage38364 clothes519356 cute220545 dress50057 erect nipples13075 feet45458 female1502542 geode of fauna2234 high res74486 huge breasts44771 jewelry80204 kneeling10149 lidded eyes35283 looking up18894 magical geodes10696 necklace23432 nipple outline8829 short dress172 shyabetes15763 simple background456399 smiling297546 solo1184117 solo female195642 white background115579


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Background Pony #D7E1
This is so cute, I want to see pabbley draw more Fluttershy and Rd in this style!
Background Pony #DAE1
Whoa! To be honest, Fluttershy having big uhhhh… you know, ahem those, makes her look even more cute than she already is, in my opinion! The blush, the blue dress, and the adorable eyes on top of “that,” just make her cuteness level go into almost an overload in my eyes. Still, such a kind, gentle, and soft-voiced nature girl! nuzzles Flutters
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A waste of biomatter
Strange? This is a perfect depiction of human Fluttershy. Large Kind eyes, a sweet demure pose and just massive,soft,jutting…locks of Hair.