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Alternate version of >>2705873 with orange jumpsuit
safe1970765 alternate version68693 artist:magnaluna1206 lightning dust5046 rainbow dash259238 pegasus406270 pony1322453 backwards cutie mark4192 belly button95616 belt7731 blushing238494 bondage40951 bound wings4284 chained733 chains6104 clothes558869 collar41435 cuffs5729 cute236056 dashabetes10954 dungeon1115 duo117040 eye clipping through hair10959 eyebrows15309 eyebrows visible through hair7792 flying47366 front knot midriff1563 high res86642 jail579 leash9438 looking at each other27584 midriff21692 necktie9104 officer ld21 police uniform650 prison986 prison outfit1413 prisoner rd528 shackles2197 shorts17181 smug7771 sunglasses18372 sunglasses on head154 wings174796


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Background Pony #67A4
We’ll see about that. Maybe you could turn it into a relationship where she’s in a maid costume cleaning Lightning Dust’s house. Still a prisoner, in a different way.
That’s why she’ll be loving the relationship.
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Background Pony #67A4
Rainbow Dash got out of prison just to be put into a different kind of prison, a new relationship with Lightning Dust.
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Background Pony #BEC3
“Did you provoke the inmate mob again?” - Lightning Dust  
Sigh “Craster I didn’t provoke them again!” - Rainbow Dash  
“Do you think that people will forgive you for your destruction of the sugar bean factory?” - Lightning Dust  
“This is bullshit - people will forgive me!” - Rainbow Dash  
Raspberry - Lightning Dust
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