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I do hope you weren’t attached to having wings.
Because I don’t imagine you’d have them for very much longer.
Perhaps you should have picked a mask for a character with the ability of flight rather than entertaining.
Oh well…
Trixie Mask was bought by full
suggestive162192 artist:tranzmuteproductions454 trixie72458 oc787341 oc:karasu3 bird10335 dragon65638 goo1859 hybrid24048 raven (bird)128 unicorn402014 anthro295779 digitigrade anthro2189 big breasts97590 blush sticker2993 blushing224283 bondage38275 breasts319208 busty trixie4579 character to character627 commission87102 cursed394 dripping6404 encasement1829 eyes closed110930 featureless breasts2777 female1517405 furry5984 furry oc1352 furry to pony96 gritted teeth15107 ink stain13 male428160 male to female1296 mask7971 mid-transformation119 out of frame241 outline1605 pink background4063 possession573 pulling823 rule 6329262 shiny3054 simple background463767 slime2243 solo1196011 sticky280 story included10499 struggling1259 transformation12790 transgender transformation2076


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