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I played Deltarune Chapter 2, it’s very good. I’m sure nobody is surprised to hear that Queen is my favourite character, so please enjoy my beloved Empress cosplaying as her.

alt source
suggestive175231 artist:moonatik1228 nightmare moon19075 alicorn278629 robot9960 anthro321115 unguligrade anthro59270 spoiler:deltarune34 boots29075 breasts349293 city5321 cityscape892 clothes567772 cosplay31733 costume35647 crossover69332 deltarune219 dialogue81846 ethereal mane11050 evil3508 eyes closed122813 glass5989 gloves26165 grin54048 hand on hip11192 helmet13816 high res87927 queen (deltarune)9 sharp teeth5285 shoes50782 smiling338011 solo1286518 stars20235 talking to viewer4440 teeth16030 video game crossover494 video game reference95 wine glass1988


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Background Pony #D858
“You get me twilight… you do not have things like ‘opinions’”
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