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I played Deltarune Chapter 2, it’s very good. I’m sure nobody is surprised to hear that Queen is my favourite character, so please enjoy my beloved Empress cosplaying as her.

alt source
suggestive151678 artist:moonatik905 nightmare moon17532 robot8289 anthro276437 unguligrade anthro51656 spoiler:deltarune34 boots23651 breasts297085 city4462 cityscape686 clothes489054 cosplay29053 costume30017 crossover64586 deltarune153 dialogue69914 ethereal mane8860 evil3099 eyes closed101657 glass4983 gloves21683 grin43013 hand on hip8019 helmet11602 high res46062 queen (deltarune)7 sharp teeth4210 shoes40290 smiling272896 solo1122309 stars16916 talking to viewer3187 teeth10989 video game crossover406 video game reference81 wine glass1597


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