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Name: The Silversmith  
Gender: Male  
Age: 5,017  
Race: TimeLord  
Cutie Mark: Grandfather Clock Face, showing his regenerations  
IRL Actor I’d want to play him: Daniel Radcliffe
About him: After the Ninth Silver met her demise from the hands of a Cyberman trying to save Barbie, The Tenth Silver came at one of the most bad times of them all, after he saved Barbie he and the Tardis where teleported back too Gallifrey for another important task only this time he had to make sure to report every magical incident that happens at Canterlot High.
Silver became worried the TimeLords would take the Magic away from the girls, only this time he had to keep this task secret, the only person he could tell was Sunset, and not only that everyone managed to forgive silver upon his return, but only three of the mane seven where not convinced and weren’t easily to be forgiven by, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash.
And even with those three still mad Silver still had some of his friends to help him, even if it ment that he had to work with those whom haven’t forgiven him.
This would be a year That Will Challenge Silver.
Silversmith’s base and clothes by SelenaEde  
OC: The Silversmith’s cutie mark and his look by Vanossfan10
Doctor Who owned by the bbc  
My little pony owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust


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