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doodly mlp redraw
safe1785934 artist:faunbuns6 pinkie pie223059 rainbow dash241745 earth pony281046 pegasus323256 pony1087442 angry28730 comic113571 cringing304 crying45695 dialogue69901 drawing4795 floppy ears56488 implied furry2 karma256 meme84513 mirror5579 pinkamena diane pie19655 ponified meme1182 rainbow douche329 sad25634 spongebob squarepants3082 spread wings59360 teary eyes4671 vulgar21523 wings131075 you're cringe5


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Background Pony #FDCA
I mean, what did you expect? A standing ovation?
Some people don’t know how to compartmentalise their behaviors based on where they are.
you see this all the time with 4channers acting like rabid chimps outside of their containment site