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Recreation of this  
Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples  
24 lights used in this scene (1 gobo)
Models used:
Particles used:  
    • The SSBU Toon Link model was originally downloaded from the SFM Workshop, however I couldn’t find the original upload anymore, so I packed it into a .zip and posted it to to have a download available. It was originally uploaded to the SFM Workshop by Kuro
safe1786090 artist:imafutureguitarhero326 sci-twi26050 starlight glimmer50587 sunset shimmer66023 trixie69646 twilight sparkle310398 unicorn357317 anthro276418 plantigrade anthro35936 3d83630 absurd resolution67799 bomb657 border197 cap4990 cheek fluff6344 chin fluff241 chromatic aberration1581 clothes489011 crossover64585 ear fluff33360 elf hat111 eyebrows8296 eyebrows visible through hair4257 faic12746 female1434535 film grain243 floppy ears56501 fluffy15092 freckles31085 fur539 grin43012 hat93386 holding3522 horn83957 link1415 link's hat68 link's tunic57 mare519177 motion blur464 nose wrinkle3135 open mouth161669 peppered bacon216 phantom19 revamped ponies288 running6302 running away241 scabbard87 shadow4623 shield2246 signature28076 smiling272875 source filmmaker50132 swirly eyes2342 sword12211 the legend of zelda3683 the legend of zelda: phantom hourglass1 the legend of zelda: spirit tracks3 the legend of zelda: the wind waker206 throwing549 tongue out111593 toon link81 tunic242 wall of tags3969 weapon32178 younger18013


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Background Pony #D5F6
Y’all forgot Spirit Tracks! There was a multiplayer mode where you play as the 4 links and gather triforce shards