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Recreation of this  
Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples  
24 lights used in this scene (1 gobo)
Models used:
Particles used:  
    • The SSBU Toon Link model was originally downloaded from the SFM Workshop, however I couldn’t find the original upload anymore, so I packed it into a .zip and posted it to mega.nz to have a download available. It was originally uploaded to the SFM Workshop by Kuro
safe1992909 artist:imafutureguitarhero428 sci-twi29202 starlight glimmer55893 sunset shimmer73516 trixie75296 twilight sparkle335523 unicorn456215 anthro320896 plantigrade anthro43887 3d106162 absurd resolution71969 bomb735 border272 cap5944 cheek fluff7959 chin fluff367 chromatic aberration1824 clothes567438 crossover69314 ear fluff42499 elf hat134 eyebrows16212 eyebrows visible through hair8106 faic13919 female1623201 film grain383 floppy ears65289 fluffy17118 freckles37152 fur770 grin54004 hat110345 holding4492 horn120645 link1528 link's hat81 link's tunic66 mare629153 motion blur590 nose wrinkle3577 open mouth201666 peppered bacon296 phantom26 revamped ponies665 running7199 running away330 scabbard97 shadow6101 shield2514 signature35806 smiling337646 source filmmaker61588 swirly eyes2912 sword13644 the legend of zelda3876 the legend of zelda: spirit tracks3 the legend of zelda: the phantom hourglass3 the legend of zelda: the wind waker220 throwing621 tongue out130580 toon link103 tunic258 wall of tags5564 weapon37127 younger20480


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Background Pony #D5F6
Y’all forgot Spirit Tracks! There was a multiplayer mode where you play as the 4 links and gather triforce shards