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Headcanon: Heart pieces and heart containers taste like rock candy
Sixth artwork I did for the Fun ‘N’ Games Artpack.  
Get the artpack here [NSFW CONTENT WARNING]
Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples  
23 lights used in this scene
Models used:  
    • The Link outfit is not made for the ReVAmped body base, and as such requires more work to fit on the ReVAmped body base.
safe1785920 artist:imafutureguitarhero326 sunset shimmer66011 fairy1087 unicorn357258 anthro276386 art pack:fun n games artpack19 3d83618 absurd resolution67794 belt6189 belt buckle306 black bars261 bomb656 bow (weapon)1463 cap4988 chromatic aberration1581 clothes488952 colored eyebrows245 colored eyelashes473 conversation687 crossover64584 desert1672 dialogue69901 duo67775 ear piercing29198 earring23057 eating10183 elf hat111 female1434423 film grain243 fingerless gloves5024 floppy ears56487 flying40603 freckles31081 gauntlet346 gloves21674 hat93366 heart51366 holding3522 horn83924 jewelry72019 leather gloves76 levitation12909 link1415 link's hat68 link's tunic57 long hair4610 long mane3593 magic77271 map1442 mare519103 master sword157 messy eating1269 mirror shield13 multicolored mane1877 multicolored tail1437 musical instrument12069 navi185 nintendo 64235 nose wrinkle3135 ocarina55 outdoors12350 palm tree1685 peppered bacon216 piercing44784 raised eyebrow6824 revamped anthros507 revamped ponies288 rupee91 scabbard87 shield2246 signature28075 source filmmaker50122 sweat28585 sweatdrop3560 sword12211 tail36196 telekinesis29585 text63924 the legend of zelda3683 the legend of zelda: ocarina of time238 tree34699 tunic242 ui11 user interface8 wall of tags3964 weapon32175 windswept hair221 windswept mane2921 windswept tail157


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