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Based on this scene:
suggestive148335 artist:ponygamer2020117 artist:ponygamersfm13 princess ember6760 spike80476 dragon58682 robot8136 3d80262 animatronic796 ballora17 ballora ember7 crossover63768 dragoness8990 eye contact6603 female1401098 filly location13 five nights at freddy's1759 five nights at pinkie's84 implied emberspike49 implied erection262 implied masturbation886 implied sex6187 looking at each other21425 looking up17126 male387727 older27779 older spike5509 parody15783 pawn shop11 rick and morty538 scene interpretation8819 scene parody892 sex doll206 sister location54 source filmmaker48449 teenage spike653 teenaged dragon1311 teenager4750


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