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safe1749564 hitch trailblazer1225 izzy moonbow3148 pipp petals2060 sunny starscout2682 zipp storm1253 earth pony265604 pegasus308828 pony1009679 unicorn341941 g56654 city4392 couch8689 cup6492 female1401083 grin40859 heart49996 heart hoof369 hooves how do they work12 hooves on the table179 how do hooves work?8 looking at you175512 looking up17126 male387721 mane five (g5)474 mare501781 microphone5315 mug4409 mugen215 night27332 smiling260620 stallion115620 talk show23 tv show73 underhoof53768 unicorn-y talks with izzy10


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Background Pony #E1F9
Izzy:So Pipp, you tweeted recently "Mud pony, mud pony. Go back to your country"
Pipp: I didn't say that"
Izzy:Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?
Background Pony #84FC
"Can we get these mugs un-glued from our hooves as soon as you take this pic, please"?
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
Economist -
Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

This looks like it takes place right after this clip:

Hitch is looking up while the girls are facing the camera, and it looks like there's some of the confetti those rainbow stairs explode into falling down from above.
That still leaves the question of why there's this whole sequence with Hitch being out of step with the other four though and honestly, it gives me slight concerns about the specific part of the film it's in.
Background Pony #BF39
There is no magic in Equestria now so their hooves can't be magical. Keeping those cups like that isn't possible.
They could have made them hold those cups differently, like holding them between the two hoofs, it would have made more sense.
Years of theories about hoofs thrown away.