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It would seem Cake topper has got herself into quite the predicament, trapped in the belly of Mystic Rose, who seems to be planning on keeping the shrunken pone in her for a permanent stay.
questionable113061 artist:etoz691 oc732679 oc only515781 oc:cake topper1 oc:mystic rose2 earth pony281079 pony1087572 unicorn357317 commission76577 dialogue69908 earth pony oc11293 eye clipping through hair7174 eyebrows8296 eyebrows visible through hair4257 female1434535 female pred185 female predator96 female prey96 fetish43038 flower27489 forest10945 grass10516 grin43012 horn83957 mare519177 mare pred126 mare predator135 mare prey135 micro9404 open mouth161669 oral vore1031 predator467 prey362 scared11033 sinister154 sinister smile39 size difference15471 smiling272875 stomach846 stomach acid786 stomach walls158 teeth10988 text63927 tree34704 unicorn oc12712 vore15204


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