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explicit390017 artist:pia-sama1838 coco pommel6386 rarity195169 spike84090 dragon64845 earth pony314817 unicorn395386 anthro292954 adorasexy10855 adult2735 adult spike1118 ass59517 assisted blowjob239 balls87792 bedroom eyes67137 belly button88983 big breasts96258 blushing222311 breasts316158 busty coco pommel638 busty rarity14541 butt136443 clothes519974 cocospike65 cute220803 eyes on the prize5943 faceless male5202 female1504142 ffm threesome1512 floppy ears59389 gradient background15443 grin47275 group sex17346 handjob4881 imminent blowjob686 imminent oral1031 imminent sex8205 lucky bastard1712 male423866 mare558915 marshmallow coco300 nipples193194 nudity420301 offscreen character39819 older30385 older spike6030 penis173852 sexual tutelage23 sexy34377 shipping218636 simple background457182 smiling298109 sparico48 sparity7349 spike gets all the mares819 straight150308 threesome11709 wide eyes18121 x-ray8921


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Background Pony #498F
“Don’t be nervous, Coco. You can practice on this inflatable Spike.”
Background Pony #4529
There should be a tag for these kinds of images where a girl is sort of guiding another girl with a guy.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Certifiably Insane
So if this becomes a threesome, there are two ways this can go:
  1. one straddles his penis while the other his face, and they make out.
  2. one mare lies on top of the other, pressing their vaginas together, while Spike thrusts between them.
Background Pony #7C30
Coco would sometimes write down little fantasies just to excite herself. She never dreamed Rarity would find one and make it come true. She wanted to explain it was only a fap fantasy, but now with an actual dragon cock in her hands, her tongue felt locked and she couldn’t say a word.
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The Tastiest
I’ve always thought of OT3s as an easy way out of a love triangle kerfuffle, so I feel like a hypocrite for saying I am totally behind this OT3.