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safe1783808 artist:jargon scott2635 princess celestia97777 twilight sparkle310094 alicorn238784 pony1083924 unicorn356475 comic113437 crown18552 cute209920 duo67576 female1432610 filly71817 filly twilight sparkle2809 jewelry71818 mare518195 queen twilight287 queen twilight sparkle41 regalia21953 simple background421894 squatpony440 throne3321 twiabetes12465 twiggie486 unicorn twilight19607 white background106157 younger18003


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Background Pony #2346
Elected queens on Naboo was pretty stupid idea Star Wars ever had. Just call her a president.
Background Pony #25F2
Twiggie: “Well, as the official highest authority in Equestria, I hereby declare myself Queen, and you can’t stop me.”
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

*WHEEZE*d lightning!
Actually, Lauren Faust originally called them Queen Luna and Queen Celestia, but Hasbro was all like “Queens r evul, dumdum. Onlee princesses.”
Background Pony #A5D3
Princesses are good, and queens are evil. Always was, always be.
Elsa from Frozen and Angella from She-Ra would like a word with you…