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Originally posted on: December 27, 2015, 10:36 PM UTC
Pen Rose NextGen
1. She's a mom and calls everyone "Sweetie", "Love", "Darling", and "Sweetheart"

2. She is not awake until she has drinking 20 ounces of freaking coffee every morning. Until then, she is a fucking mess.

3. She is a tease. mainly because she wants grandchildren, and maybe because she thinks that her lil babus faces when she mentions them getting laid are adorable x3

4. "And if you so much as look at them wrong, I will not hesitate to personally rib you limb from limb, and I swear to Celestia that I will make you wish you were dead. We clear?"

Pen considers herself to be more of a mother than sister or friend to her friends, and has them call her "Mom" or "Mother". She is also extremely overly protective of her lil babus, and if you touch a hair on their head, she will fucking cut you.

Pen Rose grew was born and raised in Ponyville, born around ten years after when the show takes place. She soon became best friends with Flowering Dusk and Ruby Wings, and over the next year became more of a stand-in mother figure.
Pen Rose is the daughter to earth pony and thestral parents, Blooming Opal and Stary Skies, respectively. She didn't take much from her father, and was more pony than thestral, the only things that are visibly thestral are her fangs, her love for the night and more predatory animal instincts. Her freckles are like stars, and can dim or shine depending on her mood.
She is an artist (like yours truly) and enjoys singing and is so fucking competitive when it comes to games and such. Like, you don't even know.

idk just take it
i'mma do Next Gen
and she was the first character
so deal with it

lol, me irl.

also if you were wondering about her hair, the main stripes are the red and pink, but she has smaller stripes of off white/light pink, dark blue, violet, orange and yellow.

Next is Flowering Dusk (soukaina) and Ruby Wings (anna)



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