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Twilight brings Starlight Glimmer to the library of her castle, where the magic mirror to the Human World is located. Twilight has come up with an interesting theory: the existence of alternate worlds. She hopes to accomplish this task with Starlight as witness. Little does she know, they may witness more than they bargained for…
full “Well that could’ve gone better…”
full “I created a multiverse… A terrible TERRIBLE multiverse…”
full “Now now Starlight… *Gulp!* At least take some comfort in that none of that ever came about HERE.
full “Gee… Thanks… I feel SO much better…”
Twilight REALLY needs to stop messing around with that mirror ^^;
This is something I’ve been wanting to make for a while.
The multiverse is an interesting concept. How the world would be like if one unexpected event changed the course of history ^^ But as much fun it is to imagine about these places, we probably would not want to live in any of them. As dark as destiny has become for most of these MLP universes, one can only hope that there is a glimmer of hope, light and salvation at the end of that dark, dark tunnel.
Either within the universe itself. Or from the mirror…
Note: In case anyone is wondering, Twilight and Starlight’s mirror is connected to a similar mirror in the alternate realities. And since the mirror is usually in the possession of Celestia, each one is located in the Canterlot Castle throne room. In the Nightmare Moon reality, it is in her castle (formerly the Castle of the Two Sisters) as a trophy.
In Discord’s universe, he has re-arranged the structure of Canterlot castle. So the mirror is still there. But it probably looks different now…
safe1949426 artist:90sigma933 artist:ackdari29 artist:andoanimalia1047 artist:bbbhuey162 artist:blackgryph0n355 artist:cheezedoodle961050 artist:dashiesparkle edit447 artist:drakizora119 artist:estories2866 artist:firespark512 artist:frownfactory932 artist:greywander8741 artist:kishmond79 artist:korikian77 artist:lightningtumble75 artist:luckreza8942 artist:magister39335 artist:matty4z82 artist:mergedzamasuva11 artist:missgoldendragon93 artist:mixiepie452 artist:mundschenk85207 artist:nstone53115 artist:pixelkitties1204 artist:powerpuncher41 artist:psyxofthoros74 artist:ryoki-fureaokibi31 artist:sairoch107 artist:silverbuller223 artist:sketchmcreations1849 artist:slb941193 artist:spokenmind93248 artist:suramii278 artist:tabbyderp6 artist:tamalesyatole125 artist:tardifice929 artist:tomfraggle295 artist:vector-brony794 artist:venjix548 artist:yoshigreenwater103 discord34528 nightmare moon18766 pinkie pie236916 princess celestia104279 princess luna108428 queen chrysalis38748 rainbow dash257445 spike86571 spike the regular dog2999 starlight glimmer54796 twilight sparkle330380 zecora10353 alicorn270399 bat pony62902 buffalo1004 changeling57688 dog11874 draconequus16547 pegasus396603 pony1299610 unicorn435706 zebra20755 equestria girls231246 the cutie re-mark3368 :c693 :s240 absurd resolution70775 alicornified6540 alternate timeline3376 amputee5524 apocalypse dash899 armchair375 armor27248 artificial wings2321 augmented3404 awkward1091 bad end2564 bags under eyes2492 ballerina1106 ballet546 bipedal43201 braid7731 canterlot castle2579 canterlot high3326 catsuit1661 chair9954 chaotic timeline65 chrysalis resistance timeline449 cloak5513 clothes551110 cocoon752 comic122633 crystal war timeline1522 cup7652 cutie mark52157 dancing9740 evil grin5412 eyepatch3544 eyes closed118337 facehoof1905 female1582515 floppy ears63614 frown28089 future twilight1150 glowing horn24825 golden52 grin51746 gritted teeth16212 hat106769 helmet13299 horn113126 jar1290 levitation14099 library3679 lidded eyes38246 lip bite13547 looking at you213061 magic85327 magic mirror559 mare605860 midnight glimmer6 midnight-ified129 monocle1094 multiverse222 nervous7108 nexus20 night guard2062 nightmare takeover timeline701 open mouth193783 open smile15124 petrification1102 pinkie being pinkie1532 prosthetic limb3579 prosthetic wing938 prosthetics4214 race swap17739 raised hoof58746 reflection3976 royal guard9375 salute1182 scar14264 sheepish grin393 singing7347 smiling324505 spear2841 speech bubble31144 staff3312 staff of sameness726 starlicorn517 statue2774 story included11086 suit7435 tail62684 tail wrap7567 teacup3445 telekinesis33583 tempting fate199 this day aria181 throne room1314 time card16 top hat4973 torn ear1423 tutu1219 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137483 twilight's castle4731 twilight's castle library375 unicorn twilight25330 vector83529 victorious villain667 wall of tags5287 waving3618 wavy mouth4696 weapon36151 what if227 wide eyes18687 wings169827 worried4812 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2194


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Background Pony #C6B5
TVA Tech at the ready, want some undesired timelines reset and erased? we’re here to clean up your mess.
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Background Pony #6D86
“I am The Watcher. I am your guide through these vast new realities. Follow me and dare to face the unknown, and ponder the question… What if?”
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To be fair, these alternate realities would have probably already existed before Starlight’s meddling. Maybe slightly altered to a minor degree, but still likely to have occurred regardless. Like, Starlight’s alts could be branch offs of what would of already occurred.
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Background Pony #7868
Considering in a multiverse, every action does happen somewhere, these most likely existed anyways, regardless of Starlight.
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The more i think, more i believe the entire cutie re-mark alternative timelines should be alternate universes instead of being the same universe but with an altered event. Because seriously, i think would have been better all the villains acts at the same time, with Nightmare Moon being the queen meanwhile she’s worried about an changeling infiltration meanwhile Discord and Sombra have their own empires like part of a deal.
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