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Twilight: Starting from left to right is Jade Pearl. She also went by Jade Pear by just nixing the L in her last name when she married Grand Pear. If they wanted to, Applejack, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom could call her Granny Pear!
Right next to her is her sister Magenta Ruby, perhaps better known as Granny Pie. Pinkie and Applejack’s families summoned them in order to confirm once and for all what the relation between the Apple siblings and the Pie sisters are. Both currently look younger then when they died, all spirits are capable of being any age and/or appearance they had in life.
Then there’s Jinn, who’s none other then the very first genie. She’s a very bubbly pony who has nonetheless seen a lot of what life has to offer over the many millennia she lived before she became mortal again around over 1000 years ago. Just like Granny Pie and Jade, she appears younger then when she died. Her appearance as a genie is no doubt her most iconic look anyhow.
Then there’s Sunset Shimmer. Celestia’s loyal protege that stepped down in pursuit of a normal life years before I would take her mantle years later. She also happens to be Starlight’s long lost mother, at least in my universe anyway. I’m aware of other universes that would make that impossible. Unlike the previous three… she tragically died young after an encounter with Cozy Glow and her equally evil parents.
Last but not least, is Pear Butter and Bright Mac. Applejack’s sweet and adorable parents! Just like Sunset, they died young, Leaving Big Mac and Applejack having to step up to take care of Apple Bloom while also dealing with the hardship themselves of losing their parents far too soon.
The dragon tear’s ability to summon the deceased in the hands of a dragon is an absolutely amazing discovery, it gives us all a new perspective on life, and every reunion between the deceased and the ones who loved them… or in some cases those they left behind when they passed before they got to know their children and/or other family members as they grew up… are always the most heartwarming moments you can imagine.
safe1948250 artist:verve227 bright mac1564 granny pie63 pear butter3377 sunset shimmer71629 twilight sparkle330246 oc824537 oc:jinn5 alicorn270121 earth pony351747 genie1722 ghost3367 ghost pony804 pony1298207 undead4055 unicorn435048 ask genie twilight146 ask25581 eyes closed118252 female1581378 geniefied257 jade pearl3 male451444 mare605263 pear butter's ghost26 pixel art13300 smiling324184 stallion145997 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137390


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