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Picture of Sunbutt’s posterior.
Why? Because Daybreaker had a picture of her rear and I’ve been drawing normal pictures of Luna a lot.
So it seemed like a good time to do it.
(New Commission Sheet)
suggestive150210 artist:khaki-cap214 princess celestia97336 alicorn236182 pony1030074 :p9734 butt81718 crown18259 day1564 digital art20699 female1418836 folded wings6913 grass10329 hoof shoes5905 horn80833 jewelry70482 large butt18562 looking at you178609 looking back61136 looking back at you16429 mane2022 mare511153 outdoors11998 plot83318 raised hoof49367 rear view13105 regalia21567 sky15265 smiling266869 smirk13275 solo1108750 solo female185397 sunbutt4261 tail33650 thicc ass1403 thicclestia12 tongue out110024 walking5029 wings126919


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