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Finished YCH!
30usd colored sketch  
45usd flat color  
50usd Cellshade  
55usd full color  
send me a message if you want one! or add me on discord  
suggestive161993 artist:metalface069229 applejack182112 rainbow dash251104 earth pony320987 pegasus364116 pony1224180 appledash6936 applejack is not amused870 applejack's hat10662 appleseat71 ass up2927 butt142757 commission86961 cowboy hat20098 dashdom220 eyebrows12195 eyebrows visible through hair6407 faceful of ass1694 facesitting3763 female1516157 frown26442 gradient background15616 gritted teeth15097 hat100732 high res76210 lesbian104409 looking at each other24973 lucky girl119 mare566063 plot99591 shipping219982 smiling302311 tongue out119779 unamused18812 ych result27627 your character here14268


not provided yet


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I love this so much and need more lewd fun between Rainbow Dash and AppleJack~! I cannot express how much I love and adore this~!! 🧡💙
Background Pony #D50C
(I liked this idea so… 20 minutes in MS Paint later - couldn’t really change the face though beyond where she looked - all credits to the artist, I usually remove watermarks/names when things go to my NSFW folder as I don’t repost those, but seeing as I reposted this I should’ve left it in.)
Rainbow Dash: Deal